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Our Story

A little story about Yacht Bath and Body located at the Garden City.

I am Yacht Agnus.  

I am a Chemist since 2001 and I had the pleasure of  working with local companies and MNC's.  I enjoy my career in R&D.  However, my heart's desires had always been to have my own business where I can be more creative.

I like handcrafting soaps as a hobby.  Soaps? mainly because of its science and art.  I can't explain the joy it gives me when I see the vibrant colors of my creations and smell it's aromatic goodness.  

This hobby started at a young age.  Back then, my father would always stick around when I do my experiments to ensure that I follow proper safety procedures when I mix and match the ingredients. My first soap creation was an oatmeal soap. It was a total failure. Simply because I got so excited that I added too much oatmeal after trace. It was a good soap - the lather and texture was very good but it easily breaks into pieces. That didn't stopped me from doing it again. I tried and tried until I got it right. My parents even gave me a soap making book present and until now I thank them for always being very supportive on my so called "Flavor of the month experiments".  Well, I like to do and try out all sorts of experiments and stuffs. Going back to the book: Soapmaking for fun and profit by Maria Nerius gave me a new perspective.  A totally new world of possibilities where your passion can become profit.

Moving on, I continued with my studies, graduated and started working. I focused on work and in gaining experience. I moved to Singapore to pursue my career. Bigger dreams, higher ambitions, next to impossible but doable goals. Until one day, I was at home and I was thinking of how to wisely use my spare time and soapcrafting popped up.  I bought my materials and started with soapcrafting again. I had limited options and resources here so I started importing my materials overseas. I kept on crafting soaps on my free time and posted my creations in my social media account. My friends noticed it and complimented me on how nice and creative my soaps were.

Then, the hobby turned into a business when my friends pushed me to sell  my artisan soaps.  I told them that I will not be able to do business alone so my ever supportive family and friends helped me out.  Together, we set up Yacht Bath and Body and our business was born on 12 August 2015.

We feel so blessed to have a growing business which keeps us busy while doing what we love; making products and meeting new and interesting people like you. 

May God continue to bless you more and may you always have an awesome and soapy day!



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